CheerIoT launches webshop for IoT SIM cards

Today is the day that CheerIoT officially launches for everyone. From now on, it’s possible to easily order CheerIoT SIM-cards via our website. CheerIoT SIM Cards are specifically designed for IoT Connectivity initiatives.The SIM cards have the widest coverage access worldwide with redundancy to multiple networks within a country. This way, your devices don’t have to rely on a single mobile network. Because of our redundant network solution, your project is protected for a single network outage.

Besides that, all CheerIoT customers are in full control of their active CheerIoT SIM-cards, thanks to the easy-to-use management portal. This platform provides users with all IoT development tools needed to manage and monitor their IoT SIM Cards and usage. All functionalities of the Cloud Platform are also available through APIs, allowing businesses to integrate with their own system. Using the Cloud Platform, the client is just a few clicks away from initiating a VPN-connection between the CheerIoT SIM card and their own data center. Similar security solutions can’t be found elsewhere.

Jurgen ter Hoeve, CheerIoT’s Co-Owner: “During our pilot phase in the last months, we got a total request of more than 1000 customers. We have received a lot of feedback from our test users over the last year, which helped us to improve CheerIoT. Users in different fields have tested our SIMs, varying from innovative healthcare sensors, smartwatches and parking solutions. Following our international approach and coverage, these customers have used our SIMs in lots of different countries worldwide. We have automated all processes through our Cloud Platform and take a full online approach for selling our SIMs. All pricing levels can be found on our website, customers don’t have to be afraid of any hidden costs and this is greatly appreciated”
One of the customers is Ellie Karssemakers from Wanderwatch. They are using CheerIoT SIMs in their smartwatch for children: “CheerIoT understood the challenge of our start up Wanderwatch instead of offering us contracts with financial obligations that are way beyond a startup’s reach. CheerIoT enables us to offer the best kids watch in the market with the best connectivity solution available.”

Get your IoT project started now!

CheerIoT solves connectivity problems and helps to save on costs. Interested in partnering up with CheerIoT for your IoT applications? We have data bundles available in various sizes, facing all needs for your mobile data solutions. SIMs can be ordered for a period of 12 months. Each month you will be provided with a pool of MB’s that the bundle of your choice represents.

Go to the Order page to order your SIMs directly.

Test SIMs still available

The launch of the webshop, does not mean that CheerIoT stops with providing test SIM’s. Clients are still able to try CheerIoT SIM cards and the Cloud Platform for a few months, at no costs. This way, CheerIoT keeps collecting feedback from its users, in order to improve its services continuously! Want to get started with your IoT project? All you have to do is fill in this webform to start with your own IoT test kit!

Become a reseller?

Are you interested to offer our services to your own customers? We love to work together with partners and resellers. We are happy to tell you more about our partnerprogram that enables you to offer IoT connectivity solutions to your customers.

Please contact us for more information.

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