IoT Provider CheerIoT launched during CES Unveiled Amsterdam

Before the eyes of the public at the CES Unveiled Amsterdam – a forerunner of the biggest technology tradeshow worldwide (CES) –  the IoT provider CheerIoT launched its brand. CheerIoT is an initiative of the mobile data provider Mondicon, situated in Aalsmeer, and considers it its mission to make connectivity available and affordable for Internet of Things projects. Offering SIM cards and a Cloud Platform, clients themselves are capable of monitoring, managing and safeguarding their real-time SIMs.

Jurgen ter Hoeve (CCO): “The past few years we have seen the number of companies striving to connect their things with the Internet increase enormously. And up till now they have been struggling finding a trustworthy provider.
In order to close this gap, CheerIoT offers these companies an all-in-one solution through a Cloud Platform that is fully dedicated to connecting things. Herewith contrasting other providers, who have their mind set on connecting smartphones and tablets.”
IoT SIM Cards

IoT SIM Cards

Joachim de Wild (CTO) adds to this: “In the field of IoT, the availability of the connection is everything. That is why our SIM cards are designed to automatically search for the best available mobile network, at any time and place. If reception of a specific network is not optimal in a specific area, the SIM card will automatically change over to a different, optimally functioning network. This is what we call ‘proactive steering’. Spread over 66 countries, we have created a mix of high-quality mobile networks, allowing our SIM cards to stay connected to the Internet more frequently and for longer periods of time.”

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

“To further improve the user experience, we have been working hard to build a Cloud Platform that gives clients real-time insights and control over their SIM cards and data use”, De Wild continues. “Using our Cloud Platform, the client is just a few clicks away from initiating a VPN-connection between our SIM card and their own data center. Similar security solutions you won’t find elsewhere. Up till now, people have always been using more expensive data center connections. As for the rest, our Cloud Platform can also be integrated with client’s CRM or ERP system, by using our APIs.”

Ter Hoeve: “The tariffs that apply to our data bundles can be found on our website. Our tariffs start at a very modest rate of €0,40 per month. For high volume purchases, we offer additional discounts. All bundles can be standardly used within 66 countries worldwide,
such as the United States, Europe, Australia and big parts of Asia and Africa. Our prices are far below market rates. We are able to do so, because we have automated all processes through our Cloud Platform and take a full online approach for selling our SIMs.”

Free test SIMs

CheerIoT offers free trial SIM cards via their website during the coming four months. In doing so, CheerIoT would like to spread their new brand across the globe. It offers potential clients and resellers the opportunity to try CheerIoT SIM cards and the Cloud Platform. After this period, SIM cards will be directly purchasable via the CheerIoT website.

CheerIoT Launch at CES Unveiled Amsterdam

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