CheerIoT will launch global IoT connectivity for 14,8 ct / month at MWC ’19 in Barcelona

IoT Connectivity provider CheerIoT announces world’s first IoT shared data plan with flat rate. The one-off price for a SIM Card is €8,90 and includes a 5-year data bundle of 300 MB. The shared data bundle can be used at any time during 5 years in 72 countries with multiple operators per country. The IoT SIM card itself, and a complete IoT management platform is included in this one-off price.

CheerIoT SIM cards are specifically designed for IoT initiatives, such as fleet management, smart city, connected car, smart metering, wearables and many more. Based on a monthly usage of 5 MB per SIM card, the average monthly price per SIM card is below € 0,15. Additional data, countries and networks are available based on prepaid, starting at a MB rate below €0,02 per MB.
In this way IP Visie’s client is always connected to the internet. And that’s crucial. Especially with numerous people working in the cloud and with VoIP these days”. Mobile internet will grow further in the near future. Many of CheerIoT ’s clients look at 4G as a possible alternative, for example entrepreneurs in the retailing industry. In line with their company’s nature they tend to choose for a more flexible form of internet connectivity these days.”

CheerIoT offers free trial SIM cards via their website to allow customers across the globe to trial CheerIoT SIM cards and the Cloud Platform. After this period, SIM cards can easily be purchased via the CheerIoT webshop.

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