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IP Visie is one of the biggest providers of providing fiber and broadband connectivity for companies in The Netherlands. Providing clients with fast and well-functioning internet is one of the main goals for IP Visie. Being online at all times is essential to their customers. One of IP Visie’s clients is a well-known sports brand that has shops all around the country. Failing internet and, among other thing, no electronic payments equals a disaster. No wonder IP Visie puts in a strong effort to offer it’s clients a good availability of internet connectivity. Nevertheless, accidents happen. Cable ruptures can occur during excavation work and by numerous of other causes that deserve a proactive approach. IP Visie turned to CheerIoT in order to find a solution for situations in which fiber-optic internet isn’t available.

CheerIoT's solution

Joachim de Wild, CTO at CheerIoT explains: “It means we needed a backup source for the fiber-optic internet IP Visie supplies. Usually other forms of fixed internet are chosen in these kinds of scenarios. CheerIoT offered an option including mobile 4G internet as a backup, consisting of a router with embedded SIM Cards that can connect to several 4G networks. To form the best possible safety net, it is possible to rely on several providers, which means there’s always a well-functioning network available.
In this way IP Visie’s client is always connected to the internet. And that’s crucial. Especially with numerous people working in the cloud and with VoIP these days”. Mobile internet will grow further in the near future. Many of CheerIoT ’s clients look at 4G as a possible alternative, for example entrepreneurs in the retailing industry. In line with their company’s nature they tend to choose for a more flexible form of internet connectivity these days.”

Affordable and flexible

“The joining of hands of IP Visie and CheerIoT is unique”, states De Wild. “Originally fixed and mobile internet are worlds apart whereas now the two companies act as a bridge. Mobile internet functioning as a backup improves IP Visie’s services and makes them better and more reliable. And moreover, in an affordable way. Our solution costs our clients € 35 a month.”

Fouad El Hajjaj, Managing Director and Owner at IP Visie adds:

Fouad El Hajjaj, Managing Director and Owner at IP Visie adds:

“Ip Visie, as a specialist in the field of data communication, is pleased to collaborate with CheerIoT because of its expertise in wireless connections. By joining forces, we can offer our customers a solution that guarantees both stability and security. CheerIoT more than lives up to her reputation, and truly delivers “Unlimited Connectivity”.

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