SIM Cards designed for IoT connectivity

CheerIoT SIM cards are specifically designed for mission critical IoT solutions. Because we believe that a reliable and affordable connection is essential in order to deliver a successful Internet of Things project.

Our SIMs will work in all the foremost countries across the globe such as the USA, Japan, Australia and all over Europe. CheerIoT SIMs are able to connect to multiple mobile networks within every country. This way, your things or devices don’t have to rely on a single mobile network and will not lose connection, where other providers have their white spots in coverage.

Bundle S

€ 0.40 p/m
1 MB


Bundle M

€ 0.60 p/m
5 MB


Bundle L

€ 1.10 p/m
20 MB


Bundle XL

€ 2.00 p/m
60 MB


Bundle XXL

€ 4.90 p/m
200 MB


Prices per SIM

All bundle prices above are the prices per SIM per month. SIMs can be ordered at a minimum period of 12 months. Each month you will be provided with the amount of MB’s that the bundle of your choice represents.

Example: When you order 10 XL Bundles, you’ll receive 10 SIM-cards that each provide you with 60 MB data each month. You can share the amount of data between the SIMs. In this example, the total cost of your order will be 10 x € 2,- x 12 months = € 240,-.

If you wish to order SIMs for a longer period, please contact us

Best price in the market

Our bundle prices are just a fraction of what is available in today’s mobile data market. This is possible, because we have automated processes and take a full online approach.


Financial Benefits

  • No additional one-off or recurring costs
  • No credit check needed
  • Free Test SIM Cards available